Medication Treatment


The anti-tumor drug has been developed rapidly in recent years. It has significantly increased the effectiveness of treatments and the survival rates of cancer patients.

The infusion suite, where patients receive chemotherapy, is located in the Centre and provides patients with privacy, comfort and convenience. The suite includes 5 private rooms with bed. Our patients receive comprehensive and professional care which is delivered by our well-trained oncology nurses.



Chemotherapy is a kind of potent drug that kills cancer cells to cure the disease, slow its growth, or reduce its symptoms. Because it often works by attacking rapidly dividing cells, healthy cells can be harmed by chemotherapy. However, our professional care team can suggest strategies minimizing or managing those side effects. It is important for us to preserve the quality of life when patients are in our care. Our healthcare professionals monitor and take care of our patients throughout the whole treatment process.


Immunotherapy is a new form of cancer drug that uses our own immune system to fight against cancer cells. In recent years, there have been major advances in the development of cancer immunotherapy. This treatment is being investigated currently for many cancer types, more cancer patients will be benefited from that for the foreseeable future.

Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapy is a type of cancer drug to interfere with specific molecules (targets), which are involved in cancer cell growth and survival. Thus, it affects cancer cells more than that to normal cells, and side effects are reduced.

Hormonal Therapy

Some cancers rely on hormone to grow or develop. Hormonal therapy is a treatment that uses drugs to block or lower the hormonal level in the body, so as to slow down or stop the growth of cancer.